Building A Brick Smoker, Design Phase, Need Help: Guide and Tips By Consumer Reports

Building a brick smoker in our backyard landscape is a dream of every BBQ lover ever. When you have grilled foods with an offset smoker for a long time, you will want to build a brick smoker because of several following reasons:

  • Increase the number of food you can grill because of the vast space.
  • Durable if we construct the barrel smoker properly
  • Create mouthful-of-a-bite and flavored foods

Using a brick smoker will facilitate every Christmas or Easter turkey. Hence, let’s scroll down to discover how to build the barrel smoker in the design phase.

More foods in your parties are ready to be served

Get ready before building your own brick smoker

Before building a brick house for grilling foods, you have to look for a step-by-step guide to follow. Then, separate the process into independent steps such as creating the foundation, purchasing the tools and material, etc. Each step needs to correctly perform because it will affect other stages and the whole brick smoker.

Steps on building a brick smoker in the design phase

Draft out your design

Before building a brick and mortar smoker, you have to think of the style, shape, and size of it. The smoker dimension is the key when forming your favorite design. 

For example, if you dream of a big smokehouse, but the narrow dimension of your backyard doesn’t allow you to build it, you ought to make some alterations to the original idea. In this case, you should create a small brick barrel smoker to fit in your landscape.

A big smokehouse for big backyard

Determine the brick smoker area

Unlike other built-in smokers, this kind of smoker, once installed, can’t be moved anywhere else. It’s completely stationary. So, make sure that you have considered every factor.

We will give you one example: you should not place the brick and mortar smoker right next to your house because a lot of smoke from grilling will flow into your home and be harmful to your habitat.

You should build the brick smoker far from your home

Create the foundation of the brick smoker

Building a brick smoker is like building a house. Forming the foundation is an important process worth making right from the beginning because it’s the key to keep the brick smoker sturdy during harsh weather conditions. 

The first step to forming a foundation is to create a base by installing half of the block underground and then using cement to apply on its surface. Next, you will place one layer of block on the first layer. You also have to use construction tape to make sure the wall that you are building is completely straight. 

Moreover, if you are a meticulous person or your house is in a disaster area, you can add on more layers to make sure the brick smoker is stable enough to withstand natural disasters.

Build some features of the brick smoker

In this step, you will gradually build a smoker quickly by copying your favorite model brick smoker that you find on the Internet or from your friends’ backyard.

The brick smoker features you need to instill while building it are the firebox, the chimney, the lids, and the firebox plate.

Tips on designing brick smoker 

  • You MUST build the brick smoker on a flat surface.
  • Use cinder block and clay block for building the brick and mortar smoker. You can ask the seller for more information.
  • ALWAYS check the structure of the smoker while forming it.

The last word

After building a brick smoker, you can open up a whole new BBQ world by multi-layered sensory experience. If you have an idea to create a barrel smoker, go for it. Creating your brick and mortar smoker is an effort that you will never regret.

If you have any questions about building a brick and mortar smoker, leave your comment below. Your question will be a significant contribution to our post.

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