Griddle vs Grill – Which One Suits You The Best By Consumer Reports?

As a barbecued lover, you must have tried your best to figure out the difference between the two favorite tools to make sure your fresh pancakes and bacon turn out amazing. The following is all the information you need to know about Griddle and Grill to have the best meals ever. 

Griddle vs Grill – Which One Should You Choose?

Griddle Overview

What type of Griddle can you choose?

What Is Griddle?

Cooking with a griddle, you will bake your dishes on a flat surface heated mostly by electricity (by wood and coal in the past). With this kind of cooking tool, you will have different types as follows.


The traditional version of this tool is composed of stone or brick, and the cooking surface is a shallow platter. In different countries, the design of Griddle also varies. 

These cooking tools are made from stone or clay in Latin American countries to cook different types of flatbreads.  


For residential applications, a griddle may be created from wrought iron, stainless steel, or aluminum of about 1.6 to 3.2mm in thickness. The most popular choice is a portable electric unit covered with stick-resistant like Teflon and limited temperature control.

This equipment is suitable for simple-duty cooking and convenient for its portable feature. The griddle plates are mostly heated by gas or electric, and as the cooking surface is large, you can have more space to cook. Some premium producers also offer many top options for a griddle with various functions.


You can find the Griddle for commercial purposes in many restaurants or fast-food chains like KFC or Lotteria.

In this version, you will have three components: a cooking plate, a temperature controller, and a heat source.  The commercial griddle is most commonly used for frying foods with a thin oil covering.

Outstanding Features

With all the above options, you might realize that griddle features a smooth and flat surface. This machine is excellent for preparing delicious breakfast with bacon, pancakes, and eggs.

Another feature is that most griddles are rectangular, which allows you to have more space to cook than a regular pan.

Pros vs Cons

  • More space for cooking 
  • Versatile with many dishes 
  • Easy cleanup
  • Convenient for both outdoor and indoor uses
  • Quite expensive
  • Sometimes has food sticks 

Grill Overview

What Is Grill?

With this classic cooking method, you can show off your baking technique with all types of food, whether meat, fish, or even roots and vegetables. You might now be questioning, “what is a grill?” Well, grilling is to place baked food directly on a fire.

When using a grill, you must pay attention to your cooking temperature to prevent your food from getting burned. Remember to turn over the food regularly to ensure both sides are well cooked.

Outstanding Features

With distinctive ridges, you will have “grill marks” on any dish you cook. As for outdoor barbecues, grills are great to bake hamburgers, sandwiches, steaks, and different kinds of vegetables.

Moreover, grill ridges also help you to reduce the overall fat in the food. It must be a big plus point, right?

Pros vs Cons

  • Allow you to bake an Oil-free dish
  • Affordable price
  • Smoky flavor
  • Beautiful and appetizing grill marks
  • Hard to clean
  • Not suitable for indoor use

Griddle vs Grill – Which Is Better?

Simple grill and griddle pans allow you to cook by electric or gas, which means you can place them anywhere in your kitchen.

You can choose the machine that has both a grill and griddle parts.

If you can’t decide which one to purchase, you can buy a reversible grill/griddle. You do not need to worry if the stovetops are hard to clean because they are often made of cast iron or nonstick materials.

However, if you prefer a wide cooking space and do not have to tie up the stovetop after your meals, a classic electric grill might be the best for you.

In Sum

After reading through our today’s article, you might now have made your own decision about which Griddle vs Grill to buy, right? Go for it and have a barbeque party at home now! Cheer!

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